oh hello!

HI there,

It's been a while (super long while) since we've posted.  I guess since we have been in the kitchen and then delivering pretty much nonstop! And that's good.  I mean, that's pretty great- that's why we're here, and we love the love.

Here are a couple updates: we have been shipping a lot lately, and have the hang of it.  A lot of hungry college kids are snacking better lately because of JaM.  That makes us happy, since it was only yesterday (or 20 + years ago) that we were hungry and making meh choices in college ourselves.  

Also, you can find us at Varnish Lane as of today! Varnish Lane is on 44th St NW, behind the bus depot.  It's a gorgeous space- an eco-friendly and chemical-FREE nail salon that also offers spa services.  It's a total treat to be there, and now you can leave with a Treat of ours. Yay!

And lastly, check out this sweet post in The Georgetowner.  So unexpected, and such a thrill.  

hugs and best best wishes for a happy holiday season,