Life during a Pandemic

Well.  Our world has changed significantly in the last few weeks... Covid-19 has closed all education institutions, all "nonessential" businesses, and has in fact basically confined us all to our homes with only our immediate families for company.  It's a lot.  And every morning that my loved ones and I wake up healthy is a Great Morning.

Professionally, I've been busy- shipping orders out of town, delivering orders locally, and taking orders for caregiver donations.  I think we are each looking for ways to be useful, and I am sincerely grateful that so many of my JaM Family has been supporting both me and the local caregivers at hospitals nearby.  The treats you are donating are nourishing the heroes caring for patients.  It matters.  

I hope this devastating virus winds down as quickly as it has spun up, but I know that isn't realistic.  It will take time.  And we will just take each day as it comes, and take care of each other as best we can in the meantime.  Thank you for all you're helping me do, and for your business and love of JaM Treats.  Enjoy time with family, walks outside, and pay attention to how you're treating (sorry) yourself.... 

Be well. Stay in touch... Alone Together, I guess. For now.  

And thank you, always, for your support <3