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Eat Real Food

JaM was created out of laughter and dreaming one steamy summer evening, over margaritas.  Meredith and her friend, cooking and daydreaming buddies for years, decided that the treats Meredith had been playing with for years deserved to be available to more people.  We were already ecstatic about the burgeoning options for fast and rigorously nutritious meals:  it has truly become easy, in Washington, DC, to eat well on-the-cheap.  Customized salads, bowls, sushi-- all within a few minutes' drive.  Bliss.  However... what to do when lunch or dinner was over and a girl wanted to close with a sweet bite? Or grab a snack for later?  We like our sweets! But we do not like just any sweets.  We all have standards.  We all are particular.  We all are demanding that our sweet snacks also fuel our body and add to our well-being. We want energy, not a sugar crash. 

We certainly don't need any empty carbs to slow us down.  Even sweet treats need to be "real."

So.  I decided other people must crave what we crave.  What I have always baked for my family:  quick treats to perk us up.   Carefully-curated to contain only the best ingredients.  Just simple combinations to keep us going, make us happy, keep us just sweet enough.  My food is always fuel, and eating is always mindful.  

JaM Treats is here to support you throughout your day, same as for me and my family.  

Eat up.  It's all good.  

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